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Roofing/Carpentry, Clients & References

Client: CENTURY-SLATE CO. North Carolina                Jun-Jul 2007

Object: ST. MARTIN MANOR in New Orleans, LA

Restauration of roof with German Copper-gutter and Slate





Client: OPUS South-Constructor LLC.  J. Stryker (Subconstractor) St. Peterburg, FL  Nov-Dec 2007

Object: BEACH TOWER, St. Petersburg, FL

Consulting in metal work ( Wall channels )




Client: GERMAN-ROOFWORX, Victoria, BC Canada        May-Jun 2008

Object: FAMILIY HOME, Victoria BC

Roof remoulding

Reference: "......we enjoyed working with the Technical Management Inc..They tackled the task a 12/12 pitch and 3 stories high with impressiv skills."                                           B. Rausch/Roofworx




Client: THE DURABLE SLATE CO. Columubs, OH           Aug-Sept 2008

Object: PRIVATE RESIDENCE, Miamisburg, OH

Consulting in Slate- and Copperwork

Reference:  "............the Technical Management, Inc. supported with they knowledge and experience the Slate- and Copperwork on this 800,000.00 $ Residence and did a very good job. Mr. Bungartz was allways on time, importently for us and he saw the job through. I would be proud to have him and his Business again."                                                                                      B. Jenkins / Foreman





Client: THE DURABLE SLATE CO.                           Sept-Dec 2008

Object: WEDDING CAKE HOUSE, New Orleans, LA

German Copper-gutter, half-round and custom build




Object II: ST. MAURICE CHURCH, New Orleans, LA

Copperwork on the bell tower




Object III: FAMILY HOME, New Orleans, LA

Slate- and Copperwork






Custom made Copperwork



Reference: "...........I met Martin a couple years ago. He was the Technic Manager on the ST. MARTIN MANOR here in New Orleans. Martin was perfect for the upcoming jobs. We worked well together and the results where fabulous!......I`m lucky to have worked with the Technical Management and I hope to work with in the future....."                                                                   J. Owenby / Foreman



Client: R.C. ROOFING LTD. Victoria, BC Canada             Ja-Feb 2009


Special Copperwork

Reference: "...........the Technical Management, Inc. worked with us for three weeks. I find Martin to be smart, courteaus and a Master at what he does. His knowlwdge of copper is extensive and his attention to detail is good. I would recommend his services to anyone."                R. Corbett // Business owner




Client:   THE DURABLE SLATE Co.                           May-Aug 2009


Objekt:  PRIVATE RESIDENCE,  St.Charles Ave 5531, New Orleans

Special Copper-and Slatework

Reference: " Martin from the TM,Inc. works with us again. We`re expressed about

                      his knowledge in Copper and Slatework and his training how to us and handle

               our BOECKER-lift with knee joint. We want like to point out his innovative ideas

               to do the job more efficient.

                      We`re looking forward to do business with furthermore.        DURABLE SLATE

Reference : " Hi Martin,I did inspect the work at St.Charles (Heebe residence). Very well done.

                       Nice to see someone doing great work on a slate roof.  09.10.09   Joe Jenkins

                              (Joe Jenkins , founder of SRCA, author of the Slate Roof Bible, and Ececutive Director by the Board member)






Example of slate roof and copper gutter ( both German style)
Object: Hawai'i / coming soon                                  21.-23 Oct.2009
Reference: Mock up is perfect and just what we want
                                               Richard  Developer, Hawai'i
                                               Mark    Architect, Hawai'i

starting the mock-up in Seminole, FL      finished mock-up in Savannah, GA

facing of slate                              instaling heavy copper hanger 6"

finished copper work                      soldered seams

finished with peel and stick               starting the slate work

next step                                   starting second site

it's me....the Master certified           finished job
(Bachelor degree) roofer & slater


starter left site                           starter left site // end of copper gutter
                                              with open spoud

end // right site



Client:          Mickey Williams                               December  2009
Objekt:        " Sporty`s-Bar "  N. Rendington Fl
                 Flatroof with base and torch applied cap sheet
References:    The master certified roofer and slater put on my place,was
                 wonderful. He is the most efficient and a real hard worker.
                 My roof is beautiful and no more leaks.
                 I am so happy to met Martin. I would have him do my roof
                 again if needed. Martin is very courteous and I would
                 recommend him very highly. A realy master at what he does
                 the best !
                 Thank you so much
















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